School Closure – Friday 2nd March

Dear Parents/Carers,

Due to a broken heating system affecting a large area of the school, we will not be able to open tomorrow, Friday 2nd March.

It has been exceptionally uncomfortable for pupils and staff in classrooms today, with some children having to keep coats on to stay warm.

Apparently, the heater batteries are not working properly. The exceptionally low temperatures outside means that any warm air that is still managing to filter through the air grills on the roof, is effectively being cancelled out. Consequently, there is cold air blowing throughout school, including three out of the four classrooms.

An engineer has been unable to repair the heating unit, as it requires work to be carried out on the roof. Due to hazardous weather conditions, this is not possible at this moment in time.

Having spoken to the engineering company, we are hoping to have the system repaired first thing Monday morning. Therefore, unless otherwise informed, we will open on Monday. Whilst the first couple of hours in school may be a little chilly, it is hoped that heating will be fully restored by lunchtime.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.

We did really well to stay open today, having battled through icy driving conditions, and have now been beaten by faulty heating!

Thank you for your anticipated understanding regarding this unforeseen situation.

Kind regards

Fiona Shields – Headteacher