Pupil Leadership Council

Pupil Leadership Council - Empowering our children We love to involve our children in lots of aspects of school improvement. Our Pupil Leader teams are trained to help in delivering this vision through:
  • Working alongside the staff in making key decisions
  • Voicing opinions and ideas to improve learning and teaching
  • Being visual around the school to promote good behaviour and safety
  • Actively seeking the views of other pupils regarding key issues and changes in the school
  School Council - Ideas and suggestions from class councils are brought to full school councils meetings twice a month, enabling pupil views, on a wide range of matters, to be taken into consideration. As your School Council, we promise to:
  • Listen to your ideas, concerns and worries.
  • Always wear our badges so you can find us if you ever need us.
  • Attend our meetings to ensure we are always working on the projects you want. 
  • Work with Mr Cheesman and the governors to make sure your ideas are heard and actioned.

Library Leaders  -  These pupils keep the school library tidy by checking books that have been handed in and  put them  back on in their correct shelves. This makes it easy for others to find the book they are looking for.   Playground Buddies - The children work alongside Midday Supervisors at  lunchtimes to teach children new games to play with our equipment, and to organise games.    Digital Leaders  - Each year, pupils in KS2 are given the opportunity to apply to become 'Digital Learners' - a responsibility which allows them not only to evaluate the school’s ICT and Digital Learning, but also to become experts in computer technology. As part of their role, the children test new iPad and computer software and support children lower down in the school to use computers confidently and safely. They also ensure that our computing curriculum is exciting and creative and enables pupils to learn how to stay safe online. Led by Mrs Davies, our team of digital learners are also given the opportunity to report on whole-school events, lead assemblies and make suggestions to ensure that the children’s entitlement to Digital Learning is always changing and improving.   House Captains - As well as collecting the House Cup in assemblies, House Captains are responsible for organising their teams during special themed weeks.    Sports Ambassadors - Some of the pupils in Years 5/6 have been selected as Dove Bank School's Sports Ambassadors. They are full of ideas of how to improve sport at Dove Bank and they will be helping the staff promote healthy lifestyles at school.  We are very proud of them and the hard work they do around the school.