Maple – Y4 & Y5

dscn7099We are incredibly proud to be apart of Dove Bank Primary school. As year 4/5 pupils, Maple are determined and enthusiastic to show their Dove Bank best at all times. We are on a journey this year to enjoy and achieve in our learning. In Y4/5 we strive to show determination, perseverance, and hard work: believing that with these in mind, we will be successful learners. We have an “I can’t do it” attitude rather than an “I can’t do it” mindset. We believe anything is possible. As older pupils, we understand the importance of independence in our learning. However we also recognise the relevance and necessity of working together as a team to achieve our challenges and goals. We help and assist each other in our learning, and use talk partners to share our fantastic ideas with one another. We show responsibility as older children in the school by having many important jobs around the school community, showing what fantastic role models we can be for the rest of the school. Please have a look at the ‘End Of Year Expectations’ leaflets attached below to see what skills and knowledge children should have acquired by the end of each year group. ParentLeaflet-Year5