Class 3 – Y3/4

dscn7097We have a creative, enthusiastic philosophy to learning that motivates us to achieve our goals and strives us to become successful learners.

In Mrs Vale’s class, we understand the importance of honesty and respect and work as a cohesive team in our democratic classroom. As responsible and proud members of Dove Bank, we celebrate our unique individuals and our ability to learn together as a team.

We thoroughly enjoy learning and take great pride in our learning. We are a kind and caring class that respects people’s views and are inclusive to all pupils. We strive to promote our school values both in school and out in the wider community, celebrating diversity and individuality. The children in Class 3, and their teacher, have very high expectations of themselves and always try their ‘Dove Bank Best’!

We are a special group of unique individuals, with many varying talents, that work together.dscn7241

We welcome you to come and visit us soon!

Please have a look at the ‘End Of Year Expectations’ leaflets attached below to see what skills and knowledge children should have acquired by the end of each year group.




What are Class 3  learning about this year?

During their time at this school each child experiences a broad, balanced curriculum where skills, knowledge and understanding are developed in a variety of contexts.

In Class 3, the school’s curriculum content includes all those areas specified in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum programmes of study, providing a base for an education that ensures quality and progression.


Autumn Term

Class 3 Overview Autumn 2018


Spring Term

Class 3 Overview Spring (1st half) 2019


Summer Term

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Class 3 Gallery 2017-18