Meet the Team

We have an exceptionally hardworking and dedicated team of staff who have a common goal in wanting to make every child’s time in school enjoyable and memorable. All of our teachers and teaching assistants are passionate about children and work together to ensure every child’s needs are met.

They have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each child, enabling each child to feel secure, safe and happy in school.

We are friendly and approachable and encourage all our parents to take an active part in their child’s learning and within the school community.


Headteacher:  Mr James Cheesman          

Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs Andrea Fletcher    


SENCo: Mrs Lydia Leeson

Office Manager: Mrs  Louisa Howard

Premises Officer: Mr Darren Riley


Teaching Staff

Oak Class (YR): Miss Joanne Hopper                

Elm Class (Y1): Mrs Dawn Davies

Birch Class (Y2): Mrs Helen Heath               

Pine Class (Y3): Mrs Andrea Fletcher                  

Maple Class (Y4/Y5): Mrs Tracey Vale

Sycamore Class (Y5/Y6): Mrs Elizabeth Price              


Oak Nursery Nurse:  Ms Eve Earp


Learning Support Staff: 

Mrs Abbei Good

Mrs Margaret Goode  

Miss Natalie Hunt

Mrs Mary Hutchinson

Miss Zoe Riley

Mrs Bev Shaw 

Mrs Laura Waterfall


Lunchtimes Supervisors: Mrs Margaret Goode (midday manager), Mrs Mary Hutchinson, Mrs Rebecca Putson, Miss Zoe Riley, Miss Shiralee Roberts, Mrs Laura Waterfall,

Kitchen Staff:  LTS Catering

Cleaning Staff: Coalville Cleaners


Chair of Governors: Mrs Sarah Pennelli

Vice Chairperson: Mr Ray Hale

LA Governor Representatives: Mrs Joy Crane  

Community Governors: Mrs Ann Melville & Mrs Mitzi Moran

Parent Governors: Mrs Donna Newman, Mrs Rachel Cox & Dr Peter Graham

Staff Representatives: Mrs Tracey Vale

Clerk to Governors: Mr Roger Stead