Birch – Y2

Birch Class is such a fun class to be in! Pupils learn about a variety of interesting and exciting topics and much of their learning is extended through ‘hands-on’ activities, being creative and allowing their imagination and excitement to lead learning. The most exciting thing about Birch Class is how much progress pupils make with three very important life skills; being independent, reading and writing!

We also focus on building pupils’ resilience towards learning. Expectations are high; we take our school values (positivity, respect, independence, diversity, enthusiasm) very seriously because we understand just how crucial they are to achieving lifelong success.

DSCF0452Children are encouraged to take on responsibilities around the class – some of these responsibilities include: book monitor; register monitor or the punctuation police! This is all part of helping our children to take responsibility for themselves, others and their environment. At Dove Bank we believe that learning is at its deepest when the children are enjoying themselves and are excited to learn. The most important thing that parents and carers can do at home to support their child’s learning is regular reading followed by discussion about the book. In Birch Class we therefore focus on encouraging the children to read every day. The effect daily reading has on ALL areas of their learning is phenomenal. Reading is rewarded with 'Reader of the Week' certificates. All the homework set in Birch Class will be based around the current topic and will often be creative or research based, with options for the children to choose from. We find this style of homework allows the children to work closely with adults and siblings at home, which (again) leads to deeper and more enjoyable learning for both child and adult! Alongside this, in Year 2, we like pupils to build their confidence with the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table so that they are provided with an excellent foundation for their mathematical development. In Birch Class the school’s curriculum content includes all those areas specified in the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum programmes of study, providing a base for an education that ensures quality and progression. Please have a look at the 'End Of Year Expectations' leaflets attached below to see what skills and knowledge children should have acquired by the end of each year group.  ParentLeaflet-Year2