T-Rex Pops into School for Lunch!

DSCN9434It was a very exciting morning for budding palaeontologists and young dinosaur fans as a life-size replica of the most fearsome of all dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, towered over them whilst it took residence in the school hall!

The animatronic T-Rex, called Sophie, became the centre-piece in a special workshop run by ‘Education Group’, who travel to schools to teach children about the wonders of dinosaurs.

Pupils in EYFS and Key Stage 1, who have been studying dinosaurs as part of their Creative Curriculum topic ‘Jurassic Park’, spent the morning “boning up” on prehistoric animals as they undertook a variety of exciting hands-on learning tasks. As well as undertaking some archaeology work, where the youngsters located and identified fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past, pupils also learnt when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. The pupils then developed their writing skills by preparing a set of challenging questions, which were fielded at a special assembly to celebrate the dinosaur’s visit.

Appearing alongside a baby Allosaurus, pupils were transfixed as they had a close-up look at the exceptionally realistic T-Rex, much to the delight of staff who were thrilled to see the children so mesmerized by the creature’s visit.

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Playground Pals

Our Y5/6 Playground Pals are doing a superb job and have really impressed staff with their responsible attitudes so far this term.

The job of a Playground Pal requires pupils to play a leadership role at break and lunch times; organising play activities for our younger pupils and ensuring that all children are being kind and considerate towards one another. Their in-school training allows them to think about and prepare for their leadership role, helps to boost their confidence in working with others, and enables them to understand how to be an effective leader of others through the development of skills relating to organisation and communication.

The programme is fantastic in helping our young leaders to develop their social skills and enables them to play an active and meaningful part in the (school) community. The younger children benefit too by having older pupils lead their games, and help to solve problems if any should arise. Our Playground Pals will be ably led by Mrs Pole this year.


RNLI Visit

Pupils in Classes 1 and 2 were helped to learn more about the RNLI during a visit by two of their lifeboat volunteers, who gave pupils the knowledge they need to stay safe near water and inspired them by sharing the lifesaving work of RNLI volunteers, past and present.

In addition to sea and beach safety, our visitors also discussed how lifeboat rescues work, the history of the RNLI, the work of a charity, volunteering and much more. They even brought a lifeboat in! Brilliant.

DSCN8646   DSCN8634   lifeboat

Harvest Festival Morning

Thank you so much to the parents/visitors who attended our Harvest Coffee Morning. We very much appreciated the help from those who donated cakes or sent their children in with money to spend. Thanks to the very persuasive sales techniques of our fantastic PPS group, we were able to raise £157 for School Council Funds.

We also raised £50 for the Growing Together Scheme from our Harvest Veg sale. Thank you!

We hope that you enjoyed the special assembly, led by ‘Open the Book’, and that you found it interesting spending the morning in classrooms, participating in the harvest themed activities that were taking place.

DSCN8777  DSCN8788  DSCN8805



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First Aid Training Day

DSCN9210As the nation’s leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance believes that every young person should have the chance to learn vital life saving skills.

We were therefore delighted to be able to offer pupils in KS2 the opportunity to develop the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in an emergency situation.

Working with a trained member of St John Ambulance Service, the children took part in a super day of practical, fun and interactive first aid training.

Class 4 received the three hours ‘Core Skills’ first aid course which covered topics such as asthma, choking, fainting, the recovery position and basic first aid.

Class 3 children received a two hour course covering ‘Bleeding and Bandaging’.


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The Bikeability L plates are off!

DSCN9190Congratulations to the twelve pupils in Year 5 who successfully passed their Level 1 and 2 Bikeability training at the end of September.

We were very proud of their achievements, and especially pleased that the trainers made reference to their superb behaviour and listening skills! Well done kids. Happy cycling!


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Kidz Fit Workshops – Thursday 14th September

At Dove Bank we know that a fit and healthy lifestyle means a better, brighter and happier future. We were therefore delighted to invite ‘Kidz Fit’ into school to run four fantastic ‘Health and Fitness’ workshop with pupils of all ages. The children (and staff) had an amazing day, taking part in exercise to music, skipping, hula-hooping, jumping, catching, strength games, quizzes and lots more fun fit-challenges.

All of these super-fun activities ran alongside educational talks on the importance of a Healthy Lifestyle, where they discussed: food pyramids, healthy diet plans, drinking water, 5 a day fruit and vegetables, exercising, and the importance of sleep and personal hygiene; all of which were included in a fun quiz at the end of the session.

Everyone, including all of the Dove Bank staff, had an engaging, educational, memorable and fun time. Thanks Kidz Fit!

DSCN9074   DSCN9089   IMG_1291

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‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello!

We were delighted to welcome PC Richard Heath from Hinckley and Bosworth Police Station who visited Dove Bank to educate the children in Classes 1 and 2 about the work of the police. After the talk, the children had to opportunity to ask the officer questions, and were shown the types of equipment the officers carry.

Pupils also had the opportunity to try on items of police uniform, sit in a marked police car, activate the blue lights and sound the siren.

All of the children had a super afternoon. The visit proved to be a fun way for the children to interact with the police and enabled some very important messages about the valuable work of the police to be shared.


DSCN8563          DSCN8543


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Emergency, Emergency Inspiration Day

DSCF1449     DSCN8526

To launch their ‘Emergency! Emergency! topic, the children from Classes 1 and 2 had great fun learning about special people who help us.

They dressed up as police officers, fire officers, doctors and nurses, postmen/women etc. and took part in role play activities, demonstrating great imagination and confidence. They produced some super art work – the paintings of ambulances and fire engines were particularly impressive!

There were songs, stories and lots of discussion. Well done kids for showing so much enthusiasm.




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Marvellous Me Inspiration Day

DSCN8195  DSCN8212  DSCN9006

To kick start their ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, ‘medical students’ from Classes 3 and 4 took part in a variety of activities designed to enable them to learn lots about the body.

After enrolling at university, the white coated young medics, received their own i.d. badge and task list, and embarked on a series of competitive challenges which included some of the following: drawing round a fellow student and labelling the body organs, taking part in a true and false human body quiz and working in groups to complete a science investigation to measure lung capacity using an upside pop bottle and a straw! The students loved it!

They have made a wonderful start to their ‘course’ but have lots left to learn, including how to make blood!


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